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Age of Empires III: Fists Empires - Introduction

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Age of Empires III: Fists Empires - Introduction

Classical antiquity is a broad term for a long period of cultural history centered around the Mediterranean Sea, which begins roughly with the earliest-recorded Greek poetry of Homer (9th century BC), and continues through the rise of Christianity and the fall of the Western Roman Empire (5th century AD), ending in the dissolution of classical culture with the close of Late Antiquity.

In Age of Empires III: Firsts Empires you will revive this time, from 500 BC to 1 AD, the time of the  rise of the greatest empires of the ancient world. Bring your army to intense battles! Join your tribe to epic conquests! Expand your kingdom and make it a Great Empire to dominate the known world!

You will lead your people to eternal glory, or your empire will be forgotten through the centuries?

Time has come. Come on this journey through the living history!

This game is open to the world culture! So, we will listen every suggestion of civilizations to be included. At first, we are limited to fourteen civilizations, but if we feel the need to, this number may be increased. However, we already have some planned.

  • Carthage;
  • Kush;
  • Maya;
  • Arab merchants.

As was said, feel free to make suggestions here, or on our website. To increase the chances that your suggestion will be accepted, keep in mind that we seek to vary the culture and the local of empires and we seek the not so well known empires. So we plan:

  • Two or more asian empires;
  • Two or more european empires;
  • Two or more forgotten empires;
  • Two or more empires, kingdoms or smaller civilizations, but important ones.

Remember: even if your civilization not be chosen to join our main scope, may also be included as "native people" to forge alliances in skirmish maps.

In Firsts Empires we try to expand the ideas contained in the games of Age of Empires series. So some contents that were not present Age of Empires III: Asian Dynasties, but were in Age of Kings, for example, can be included. One of the first additions of this kind was conducted in the types of natural resources that will be collected. Altogether there will be five:

  • Food
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Coin

We will also have a sixth item, the Philosophy, it will be important to increase various capabilities of your army and your economy.

In addition to this shift, also we will bring new concepts to the style of play. An important change is the basis of the empire: the villagers. Here they will be known as citizens. Citizens will be divided (in most civilizations) into two groups: male and female, each performing different tasks.

The Male Citizen will be responsible for:

  • Hunting;
  • Mining of metals and stones;
  • Woodcutting;
  • Construction of military buildings.

And the Female Citizen:

  • Gather fruit from bushes and harvest from farms;
  • Gather food from domesticated animals.
  • Construction of economic buildings.

Some other new concepts are being developed, so, wait for news.

Here again, we are again open to suggestions. What type of gamestyle you would like to relive? What concept ever seen in Age of Empires series you would like we added? Do not forget to tell us.

We want to maintain constant contact with the future players of AoE 3: FE, then you can speak to us through our website or our forum.

If you want to join our team, send a message to our forum here.

Buckle up in your DeLorean, the next article will talk a little of our first civilization: Carthage, the Empress of the Seas

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